Thai Style Fried Fish w Chili

Recipe By Alexandre Torrao


x1 Line 


Cooking oil ( Canola)

x1 cup of flour 

x3 tablespoons fish sauce 

x3 table spoons light soy sauce

 x1 tablespoons of sesame oil

x2 limes x1 bunch leeks

x1 stem of ginger coarse chili flakes 

x2 fresh chilis 

Sea Salt 

Black Pepper 


Step 1 

Pat Fish dry, make 3 scores on each side  , sprinkle with sea salt , black pepper, and chili flakes, while you do this heat up oil .

Step 2

Take fish and coat with flour, make sure to remove the excess 

Step 3 

Fry Fish whole for 4 minutes or until skin is golden and crispy, remove and allow to rest 

Step 4

Combine fish sauce, julienne leeks, coarse chili, sesame oil, juice of limes , ginger and make your sauce .

Step 5 Enjoy with a squeeze of lime .